Who am I?

Wing yee Lam

I am a Specialist children's Speech and Language Therapist in North London. I work with children and young adults between the ages of 2 to 19.  

I will travel and work at your home. I work around North London areas such as Angel, Archway, Barnet, Crouch end, Muswell Hill, Hornsey, Finsbury Park, Wood Green, Hampstead, Finchley, Holloway, Islington, Tottenham, Hackney and more places . I am a fully registered Therapist with the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists, Association of Speech and Language Therapists in independent practice, and the Health and Care Professions. 

Please note: I am unable to work in the Enfield or Edmonton area. 


Having worked with children and their families/carers in various homes, schools and other settings. I have established skills working with children and young adults with:Learning Difficulties, Complex Needs (including Autism Spectrum Disorder, Downs Syndrome), attention and listening difficulties, Language delays/difficulties, Developmental Language Disorders, speech sound delays/disorders, stammering/dysfluency, Voice difficulties,  memory and processing difficulties, and social interaction and communication difficulties.  In order to provide your child with the best quality intervention, I am a very active Therapist; keeping up to date with the latest training and evidence. I have presented at the London Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinical Excellence Network; to outline recent research and promote the importance of research. I also contribute to the development of my profession by reviewing resources, research, and have been the co-chair of the London Autism journal club for over 3 years. 

See the difference

I strive to tailor therapy around your child's communication needs. Although I will work with you and your child at home, I also liaise closely with other key people supporting your child such as school staff and other professionals.  It is with collaborative efforts that your child will communicate the best they can.