Training service packages

Skilling you up

Sometimes we learn better when we have the time to focus, listen and talk about different speech and language needs and what we can do to support its development in a group. I am able to provide trainings to parent and professional groups

Bespoke training packages available

Please contact me for specific topics which you wish to receive training on. some of the training packages available include: 

How can I support speech and language development?

I will outline what are speech, language and communication skills, how difficulties may present, and general strategies to support communication skill development. 

Autism and practical strategies

The training will cover how Autism Spectrum Disorder may present and practical strategies to support your child.  

Understanding language and using it

This training will cover what is language, how do we learn language and use it. This will look at how language difficulties may present and strategies to support the development of understanding and using language.  

Followup workshops

Training works best when you use the materials and strategies within 5 days of receiving them. However, you may find the materials and strategies you have learnt during the training need tweaking for your own circumstances, or you may wish to share the triumph or challenges within the group and explore alternatives in a follow up to the original training