Parent's and Carers Stories

Working as an independent Therapist means that I am able to have more parent and school contact time. I feel empowered every time I receive feedback from parents/carers and this is why I do it....

Father of 3.6 year old son

"We appreciate the feedback and we have also been really happy with his progress and self-confidence. Thank you again for the amazing work with XXX so far".

Mother of 3:0 son

"I feel that we have come a long way with XXX and I can see what he needs now. Thank you for all you have done, I feel more confident to do what needs to be done"

Mother of 4.2 son

Wing has been great; she has taught me lots of new ideas about how I can help my son to develop his language skills at home and when we go out. I was trying things before but it felt like I was working in the dark. Now I can see with the right help, my son can learn new words and I know how to help him now.  

Mother of 15:0 year old son

I have been surprised by how much my son has come along. He is developing his language and is able to tell us how he feels a lot more now, I feel like I can talk to him better.